1. economic consumption (economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing
  2. inception an event that is a beginning
  3. consumption the act of using something up
  4. preconception an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence
  5. perception the process of becoming aware through the senses
  6. conspicuous consumption buying expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth
  7. reconciliation the reestablishment of cordial relations
  8. presumption a premise that is taken for granted
  9. basic assumption an assumption that is basic to an argument
  10. water conservation the conservation of water resources
  11. redemption the act of purchasing back something previously sold
  12. conception the creation of something in the mind
  13. soil conservation protection of soil against erosion or deterioration
  14. misconception an incorrect assumption
  15. oil conservation the conservation of petroleum resources
  16. Immaculate Conception (Christianity) the Roman Catholic dogma that God preserved the Virgin Mary from any stain of original sin from the moment she was conceived
  17. resumption beginning again
  18. consummation the act of bringing to completion or fruition
  19. chlorination the addition or substitution of chlorine in organic compounds
  20. genetic constitution the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism