Reconciliation is the act of getting two things to be compatible with one another. You might have a reconciliation with a former enemy, or your mom might call for a reconciliation between your spending habits and your diminishing bank account.

If you want to do something on Friday night, but your friend is trying to save money, going to a free art gallery opening would be a reconciliation of both your desires. Reconciliation can also mean the reestablishment of civil relations after a conflict. If you and your friend got into an argument over what to do Friday night, you’d need to have a reconciliation before you go hang out.

Definitions of reconciliation

n the reestablishing of cordial relations

Type of:
joint operation or action

n getting two things to correspond

“the reconciliation of his checkbook and the bank statement”
Type of:
equalisation, equalization, leveling
the act of making equal or uniform

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