Anything bipartite has two parts or features. A bipartite agreement has two elements.

Words starting with bi usually involve two things, and that's the very definition of this word: things that have two parts are bipartite. It's often used (in botany, for example) to describe two-part things joined at the base, like leaves. An animal’s hoof that has two halves is bipartite. For abstract things, the word usually suggests entirely separate parts forming a single thing: bipartite agreements/rules/legislatures. If something has three parts instead of two, it's tripartite.

Definitions of bipartite
  1. adjective
    involving two parts or elements
    “a bipartite document”
    synonyms: two-part, two-way
    many-sided, multilateral
    having many parts or sides
  2. adjective
    divided into two portions almost to the base
    composed of more than one part
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