Betrothed means "formally engaged." If you are betrothed, then, congratulations! As they say in the song, you’re going to the chapel — you’re going to get married.

Betrothed came into English through a combination of bi-, or "thoroughly," and treowðe, the Old English word for "truth, a pledge." If you are betrothed, you are completely and formally pledged to someone. Betrothed has a slightly more old fashioned and formal feel than its synonym engaged, but both describe people who are between "Will you marry me?" and "I do."

Definitions of betrothed

adj pledged to be married

attached, committed
associated in an exclusive sexual relationship

n the person to whom you are engaged

fiance, groom-to-be
a man who is engaged to be married
bride-to-be, fiancee
a woman who is engaged to be married
Type of:
a person who loves someone or is loved by someone

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