Something that's attached is connected to something else. If your rain coat has an attached hood, for example, it's fastened to the coat.

A child might stay attached to his mom on the first day of school, clutching her, or your cat might remain attached by his claws to the sofa when you try to pick him up. When an extra room is connected to your house, you can call it attached as well: garages are often attached. You can also be figuratively attached, or deeply adoring of someone or something: "I'm pretty attached to my stuffed animal collection."

Definitions of attached
  1. adjective
    being joined in close association
    “all art schools whether independent or attached to universities”
    synonyms: affiliated, connected
    related, related to
    being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics
  2. adjective
    fond and affectionate
    “she was very attached to her father”
    feeling or showing love and affection
  3. adjective
    associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
    synonyms: committed
    bespoken, betrothed
    pledged to be married
    future; betrothed
    emotionally involved
    feeling or showing love and affection
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    unattached, uncommitted
    not associated in an exclusive sexual relationship
    unengaged, unpledged, unpromised
    not promised in marriage
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  4. adjective
    used of buildings joined by common sidewalls
    “a block of attached houses”
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    used of buildings; standing apart from others
    freestanding, separate
    standing apart; not attached to or supported by anything
    attached on one side only
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