A beehive is a structure — either made by humans or bees — in which bees live and make honey. You might find a beehive in a hollow tree.

If you become a beekeeper, you will either build or buy one or more beehives for your bees to live in. You might wear a protective suit, with a hat and netting that covers your face, when you are cleaning or checking on your beehives, to avoid being stung. Around 1960, the word beehive began being used to refer to a remarkable hairstyle, a round, high teased style that requires plenty of hairspray.

Definitions of beehive
  1. noun
    a structure that provides a natural habitation for bees; as in a hollow tree
    synonyms: hive
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    type of:
    a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young
  2. noun
    a man-made receptacle that houses a swarm of bees
    synonyms: hive
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    a domed beehive made of twisted straw
    type of:
    a container that is used to put or keep things in
  3. noun
    a hairdo resembling a beehive
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    type of:
    coif, coiffure, hair style, hairdo, hairstyle
    the arrangement of the hair (especially a woman's hair)
  4. noun
    any workplace where people are very busy
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    type of:
    work, workplace
    a place where work is done
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