An arbiter is someone selected to judge and settle a dispute. When Doc and Grumpy disagreed over whose turn it was to stay late at the mine, they chose Snow White as an arbiter.

Arbiter, from the Latin, means "one who goes somewhere as witness or judge.” The arbiter of a baseball game is called an umpire. In football and basketball, the arbiter is a referee. Arbitration is a type of conflict resolution in which a neutral person — the arbiter — hears the details of a dispute and makes a legally-binding decision about its resolution.

Definitions of arbiter

n someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue

“the critic was considered to be an arbiter of modern literature”
arbitrator, umpire
third party
someone other than the principals who are involved in a transaction
Type of:
evaluator, judge
an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality

n someone with the power to settle matters at will

“she was the final arbiter on all matters of fashion”
supreme authority
Type of:
a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully

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