An anemone is a brightly colored flower. Another name for an anemone is a "windflower."

You might decide to plant anemones in your garden if you want a colorful, summer-blooming plant. Another kind of anemone is a "sea anemone," which is not a plant at all, but a flower-like sea creature that attaches itself to a surface and feeds on fish and crustaceans. Anemone is a Greek word that means "windflower" or literally "daughter of the wind," from anemos, "wind," and the feminine suffix -one.

Definitions of anemone
  1. noun
    marine polyps that resemble flowers but have oral rings of tentacles; differ from corals in forming no hard skeleton
    synonyms: sea anemone
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    actinia, actinian, actiniarian
    any sea anemone or related animal
    type of:
    actinozoan, anthozoan
    sessile marine coelenterates including solitary and colonial polyps; the medusoid phase is entirely suppressed
  2. noun
    any woodland plant of the genus Anemone grown for its beautiful flowers and whorls of dissected leaves
    synonyms: windflower
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    Alpine anemone, Anemone tetonensis, mountain anemone
    silky-foliaged herb of the Rocky Mountains with bluish-white flowers
    Anemone Canadensis, Canada anemone
    common summer-flowering woodland herb of Labrador to Colorado
    Anemone cylindrica, thimbleweed
    a common North American anemone with cylindrical fruit clusters resembling thimbles
    Anemone nemorosa, wood anemone
    European anemone with solitary white flowers common in deciduous woodlands
    Anemone quinquefolia, snowdrop, wood anemone
    common anemone of eastern North America with solitary pink-tinged white flowers
    Anemone sylvestris, snowdrop anemone, snowdrop windflower
    Eurasian herb with solitary nodding fragrant white flowers
    Anemone riparia, longheaded thimbleweed
    thimbleweed of northern North America
    Anemone virginiana, Virginia thimbleweed
    thimbleweed of central and eastern North America
    type of:
    a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
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