1. direct marketing marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer
  2. telemarketing the use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and sales
  3. marketing the commercial processes in promoting and selling something
  4. military greeting a formal military gesture of respect
  5. self-deprecating conscious of your own shortcomings
  6. flea market an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles
  7. Vladimir Putin Russian statesman chosen as president of the Russian Federation in 2000; formerly director of the Federal Security Bureau (born in 1952)
  8. affecting arousing emotion
  9. intersecting crossed or intersected in the form of an X
  10. overacting poor acting by a ham actor
  11. affiliated being joined in close association
  12. soft market a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy
  13. reflecting causing reflection or having a device that reflects
  14. interpreting an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious
  15. overcoating an additional protective coating (as of paint or varnish)
  16. invalidating establishing as invalid or untrue
  17. validating serving to support or corroborate
  18. fleeting lasting for a markedly brief time
  19. safety margin the margin required in order to insure safety
  20. deprecating tending to diminish or disparage

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