1. affectionate having or displaying warmth or fondness
  2. affect have an influence upon
  3. affection a positive feeling of liking
  4. effect a phenomenon that is caused by some previous phenomenon
  5. affectional characterized by emotion
  6. affectionately with affection
  7. affected influenced
  8. unaffectionate lacking affection or warm feeling
  9. affliction a cause of great suffering and distress
  10. affecting arousing emotion
  11. avocation an auxiliary activity
  12. fiction a literary work based on the imagination
  13. affectation a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display
  14. effected settled securely and unconditionally
  15. election day the day appointed for an election
  16. sectioned consisting of or divided into parts
  17. aforementioned being the one previously spoken of
  18. avocational of or involved in an avocation
  19. sanctioned established by authority
  20. affectionateness a positive feeling of liking

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