Definitions of acquiring

n the act of acquiring something

“I envied his talent for acquiring
Norman Conquest
the invasion and settlement of England by the Normans following the battle of Hastings (1066)
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the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something
obtainment, obtention
the act of obtaining
catching, contracting
becoming infected
a deliberate act of acquisition of something, often without the permission of the owner
moving in, occupancy, occupation
the act of occupying or taking possession of a building
capture, gaining control, seizure
the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property
receipt, reception
the act of receiving
the act of taking aboard passengers or freight
acquiring or coming into something (usually undesirable)
the act of making money (and accumulating wealth)
the formal act of acquiring something (especially territory) by conquest or occupation
acquisition of government money for benefits to a specific locale
the acquisition of something for payment
the act of taking something that is offered
succession, taking over
acquisition of property by descent or by will
assumption, laying claim
the act of taking possession of or power over something
heritage, inheritance
hereditary succession to a title or an office or property
procural, procurance, procurement
the act of getting possession of something
adoption, borrowing
the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source
pre-emption, preemption
a prior appropriation of something
the taking possession of something by legal process
wrongfully seizing and holding (an office or powers) by force (especially the seizure of a throne or supreme authority)
preoccupancy, preoccupation
the act of taking occupancy before someone else does
requisition, sequestration
seizing property that belongs to someone else and holding it until profits pay the demand for which it was seized
apprehension, arrest, catch, collar, pinch, taking into custody
the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)
conquering, conquest, subjection, subjugation
the act of conquering
the act of making slaves of your captives
regaining, restitution, restoration, return
getting something back again
acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock
Type of:
act, deed, human action, human activity
something that people do or cause to happen

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