To accumulate means to gather, usually in large quantities. Let's hope your boyfriend is not the type to accumulate girlfriends.

The root of accumulate is cumulus which means "mound" or "heap." You might have heard of cumulus clouds, those big fluffy clouds that look like giant piles of whipped cream. Think of these heaping helpings of clouds when you think of accumulate. The money in your savings account accumulates interest, though these days you won't accumulate much wealth that way! Police accumulate evidence until they have enough to charge someone with a crime.

Definitions of accumulate
  1. verb
    get or gather together
    synonyms: amass, collect, compile, hoard, pile up, roll up
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    run up
    pile up (debts or scores)
    collect or gather
    collect, pull in
    get or bring together
    come up, scrape, scrape up, scratch
    gather (money or other resources) together over time
    chunk, lump
    put together indiscriminately
    make into a bale
    take in and retain
    accumulate a fund for the discharge of a recurrent liability
    place or store up in a fund for accumulation
    archive, file away
    put into an archive
    accumulate gradually
    beat up, drum up, rally
    type of:
    hive away, lay in, put in, salt away, stack away, stash away, store
    keep or lay aside for future use
  2. verb
    collect or gather
    “Journals are accumulating in my office”
    synonyms: amass, conglomerate, cumulate, gather, pile up
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    accumulate and create a backlog
    grow or become attached by accretion
    be piled up in banks or heaps by the force of wind or a current
    type of:
    become bigger or greater in amount
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