Accessibility is approachability. One of the things you may want to consider in a job is the accessibility of the managers. If you have a concern, are they available to help, or are they always in meetings or "at lunch"?

Accessibility also refers to the quality of being available when needed. You like the accessibility of the company's customer service because you don't have to wait endlessly on hold in hopes of reaching a human being. Accessibility also refers to how easily a disabled person can negotiate part of a building or structure. The stadium had wheelchair accessibility with ramps and a special seating area.

Definitions of accessibility
  1. noun
    the quality of being at hand when needed
    synonyms: availability, availableness, handiness
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    inaccessibility, unavailability
    the quality of not being available when needed
    availability for use
    availability in printed form
    type of:
    the quality of being useful and convenient
  2. noun
    the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with
    synonyms: approachability
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    a disposition to be unapproachable; unfriendly and inaccessible
    type of:
    a friendly disposition
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