An absentee is someone who doesn't show up when she's supposed to. A high school student who's an absentee too often may end up failing some classes.

If the star player of your basketball team doesn't show up for the big game, she's an absentee. Likewise, if you skip work to go to the beach on a beautiful day, your boss will consider you an absentee. If you fill out an absentee ballot before an election, you're using a special form for voters who won't be physically present at the polls. The Latin root is absentem, "be away from."

Definitions of absentee

n one that is absent or not in residence

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one who is away or absent without leave
someone who fails to make a required appearance in court
exile, expat, expatriate
a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country
hooky player, truant
one who is absent from school without permission
an exile who flees for safety
remittance man
an exile living on money sent from home
Type of:
traveler, traveller
a person who changes location

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