Something that abates becomes fewer or less intense. Your enthusiasm for skiing might abate after falling off a ski lift and getting a mouthful of snow.

Abate comes from the Old French verb abattre, "to beat down," and means to reduce or become less intense or numerous. As an intransitive verb, it is often used with something physically, emotionally, or figuratively violent, as in "the flood of fan mail began to abate." Using it transitively, if you take measures to abate pollution or noise, you reduce them. Pronounce abate with the stress on the second syllable (uh-BATE).

Definitions of abate

v become less in amount or intensity

“The storm abated
die away, let up, slack, slack off
Type of:
decrease, diminish, fall, lessen
decrease in size, extent, or range

v make less active or intense

slack, slake
Type of:
decrease, lessen, minify
make smaller

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