1. backpacking carrying something in a pack on the back
  2. pigsticking the sport of hunting wild boar with spears
  3. get going begin or set in motion
  4. bandaging the act of applying a bandage
  5. backbreaking characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion
  6. bureau de change an establishment where you can exchange foreign money
  7. bloodsucking drawing blood from the body of another
  8. epoch-making highly significant or important especially bringing about or marking the beginning of a new development or era
  9. pyrotechnic of or relating to the craft of making fireworks
  10. polytechnic a technical school offering instruction in many industrial arts and applied sciences
  11. cracking the act of cracking something
  12. creaking a squeaking sound
  13. docking the act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes
  14. pricking the act of puncturing with a small point
  15. packing the enclosure of something in a package or box
  16. painstaking characterized by extreme care and great effort
  17. picking the act of picking (crops or fruit or hops etc.)
  18. clocking the time taken to traverse a measured course
  19. ducking hunting ducks
  20. body stocking a one-piece tight-fitting undergarment for women that covers the torso (and may have sleeves and legs)