Something that's pyrotechnic has to do with fireworks. Many Americans watch pyrotechnic displays on the Fourth of July.

You can use the adjective pyrotechnic to talk about fireworks, including making them or watching them. You can also use it to describe things that look like fireworks, like pyrotechnic sparkles of sunlight through a prism, or pyrotechnic sparks in your backyard fire pit as you throw pine branches on the blaze. Pyrotechnic first meant "of fire," from the Greek pyro, "fire," and tekhnikos, "made by art."

Definitions of pyrotechnic
  1. adjective
    of or relating to the craft of making fireworks
    pyrotechnic smokes”
    synonyms: pyrotechnical
  2. adjective
    suggestive of fireworks
    pyrotechnic keyboard virtuosity”
    “a pyrotechnic wit”
    beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable
  3. noun
    (usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames; can be used to illuminate areas or send signals etc.
    synonyms: firework
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    catherine wheel, pinwheel
    a circular firework that spins round and round emitting colored fire
    banger, cracker, firecracker
    firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing
    a firework that fizzes as it moves
    an exploding firework used as a warning signal
    Roman candle
    a cylindrical firework that projects a series of colored balls of fire
    a firework that moves in serpentine manner when ignited
    rocket, skyrocket
    sends a firework display high into the sky
    a firework that burns slowly and throws out a shower of sparks
    firework consisting of a tube filled with powder (as a broken firecracker) that burns with a fizzing noise
    a small firework that consists of a percussion cap and some gravel wrapped in paper; explodes when thrown forcefully against a hard surface
    cannon cracker
    a large firecracker
    cherry bomb
    a red ball-shaped firecracker with high explosive power
    whizbang, whizzbang
    a firecracker that (like the whizbang shell) makes a whizzing sound followed by a loud explosion
    type of:
    low explosive
    an explosive with a low rate of combustion
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