Landscaping is both the art of designing an outdoor space and the space itself. A new house on a dirt lot looks stark and unappealing, but landscaping with plants and shrubs will make a huge difference.

Landscaping usually involves planting things — trees, ground cover, flowering plants — as well as installing features like paths, walls, fences, and patios. Landscaping for a house might include planters of herbs, a cozy shade garden, or even a fire pit to gather around. The landscaping at your neighborhood strip mall is quite different, involving lots of mulch and sturdy shrubs. The Middle Dutch roots mean "land" and "condition."

Definitions of landscaping
  1. noun
    working as a landscape gardener
    synonyms: landscape gardening
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    type of:
    gardening, horticulture
    the cultivation of plants
  2. noun
    a garden laid out for esthetic effect
    “they spent a great deal of money on the landscaping
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    type of:
    a plot of ground where plants are cultivated
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