Deadspin reports this week on White Sox pitcher Chris Sale's personal vocabulary challenge. 

After nearly every start this season, White Sox pitcher Chris Sale has met a specific objective: Incorporate a predetermined word into his postgame conference.

Team video coordinator Bryan Johnson picks the words for Sale. The pitcher can't simply blurt out the word; he needs to use it correctly in a sentence.

Throughout the season thus far, Sale has used juxtapose (April 11), consternation (April 17), ameliorate (May 22), acquiesce (May 27), capitulate (June 1), nascence (June 7), ruminate (June 12), repudiate (June 18), antithetic (June 23), dichotomy (June 28), cacophony (July 4), adjudicate (July 9), ubiquitous (July 21), voracious (July 26), prescience (Aug. 1), and amalgamation (Aug. 6).

Learn these words alongside Sale with a new Vocabulary List:

Chris Sale's Postgame Vocab Challenge

Then check out video of Sale's word slinging in action. Give him a few more seasons and he'll start sounding like a regular R.A. Dickey, the "pitcher with a thesaurus in his locker."