We all know a large vocabulary will help you get into a better college, earn more in your job, and sound smarter at family reunions (as well as open up new worlds of understanding and forever change the way you read, write, speak and think).

But can a large vocabulary make you…sexy?

If you're Tom Hiddleston, the actor who plays Loki in the film Thor: The Dark World, the answer is yes. Maybe it's his British accent, or the casual way he mentions studying Latin at "university," but, as Bustle pointed out in a compilation of great moments in Tom Hiddleston vocabulary watching, "the words he uses are guaranteed to make you swoon."

Hiddleston can’t help but sound like he swallowed a dictionary, that’s just who he is. “People do sometimes look at me like I’m using lots of big words,” he admitted in 2012. “But those are the only ones I can think of.”

Coming out of any other person’s mouth that sentence could sound super pretentious, but on Tom Hiddleston it just sounds precious. We all know he’s one of the industry’s sweetest actors. And his verbose nature is just part of why he’s beloved by his many fans.  Alongside his stellar impressions, epic dance moves, and amazing ability to pull off a bow tie, his vocabulary is one of Tom Hiddleston’s best attributes.

Bustle's collection of Hiddleston vocabulary sightings includes some great words, such as aficionado, unalloyed, and predilection. We used our own vocab grabber list-making tool to scan Hiddleston's Twitter feed and found a few more. We gathered all of them together in: 

Vocabulary List: Words for Hiddlestoners

Use the list to learn Hiddleston's words as you play Vocabulary.com. Or just sit back and watch Hiddleston describe the concept of delayed gratification to a monster who lives to gobble up cookies.