Other forms: aficionados

If you really like something and make it your business to study up on its history and characteristics, you could be called an aficionado of that subject.

This sort of funny-looking word might seem like it needs a second “f,” but it really doesn’t, and you should hold out on the temptation to add another one. (The single “f” spelling is a result of the word’s Spanish heritage.) The word aficionado implies serious study and fervent interest, but you can think of it as just a fancy way to say fan. You could call yourself a football aficionado, for example, if you think that sounds more impressive than just saying you’re a football fan.

Definitions of aficionado
  1. noun
    a serious devotee of some activity, genre, or performer
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    type of:
    buff, devotee, fan, lover
    an ardent follower and admirer
  2. noun
    a fan of bull fighting
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    type of:
    fan, rooter, sports fan
    an enthusiastic devotee of sports




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