It's that time of year -- when you vow to do better in all things and yet, even as you solemnly swear, you know that you, like most of humanity, are likely to abandon your resolutions early on in the coming year.

The good news? You're here on, which is designed to transform your current resolution into a word learning habit that affects the way you speak, read, write, and think.  Here's how we make your resolution stick: 

We praise you. Let's face it. We're all suckers for positive reinforcement, that quick pat on the back that let's us know that we're doing a good job always brings us back for more. At, you're getting that essential "you can do it!" message throughout your play as well as via badges and achievements. Why do you see so many of them? Because you deserve them! You're learning. 

We don't waste your time. Because our game is able to quickly assess which words you are most likely to know and which you're probably not ready for, we don't waste your time with words that are too easy or too hard. That means every minute you're playing our game, you're adding words to your vocabulary that you are most likely to want to learn. (We also let you tell us what words, or lists of words you want to learn at any time.)

We remind you. Over and over, our users find that one question is enough to suck them into a few minutes — or hours — of play. But sometimes getting to that one question can be a bit of a hold up. That's why we email you the question. Consider it a gentle reminder to play a few rounds in our game. Or consider it a dare: once you've answered question number one, can you walk away from question number two? Few can. 

Our program works. Why do our users tell us they love Because it actually works. From the first question you answer, you're learning. And when we tell you that you've mastered a word, it doesn't mean you'll know it until next Tuesday and then you'll have to relearn it before you can use it again. It means you've been familiar with that word for quite some time. You're comfortable with all of its multiple meanings. You can put it in a sentence and spell it and distinguish it from other words that are like it. It belongs to you now.

And once you've had that taste of success, it's hard to walk away.