Did you know Vocabulary.com is a great test prep resource?  With SAT season upon us, here's a review of how to use Vocabulary.com to prepare for any standardized test.

The Vocabulary.com Challenge: The best way to learn vocabulary. Also the most fun. Simply play the Challenge regularly over a sustained period of time, and you will prepare yourself for the Critical Reading portion of a standardized exam. For example, if you know you have a standardized test coming up in six months, start using the Challenge for 15 minutes a day.

Rest assured, you'll be learning the SAT/GRE words you need to know. Our experts identify words to focus on from the same academic and business writing sources used by the creators of standardized tests themselves. So, when you play the Challenge on a regular basis, you’ll be learning the words you need to know to improve your scores on tests such as the SAT.

Vocabulary.com uses SAT-style questions. As you play the Challenge, you will see sentence completion questions for every word you are learning. This is a good thing if you’re preparing to take the SAT, which includes sentence completion questions in all Critical Reading portions of the exam.

Using Vocabulary.com will also set you up for reading comprehension questions. Studies show that learning vocabulary not only improves reading comprehension overall, it improves your ability to deduce word meanings from context. Put simply, the more words you acquire on Vocabulary.com, the better you will understand what you read.

Vocabulary.com offers focused test prep Vocabulary Lists. If you are pressed for time, a Vocabulary List can help you check for major holes in your knowledge. Some popular test prep list choices include Top 1000 Vocabulary Words, Top 100 SAT Words, and AP English Lit Exam Terms. You can search other lists in our Test Prep Vocabulary List category, or the more than 10,000 general lists that live on Vocabulary.com.

But remember, the best way to learn is by playing the Challenge every day. A round takes as little as two minutes, so why not knock one out right now?