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Vocabulary Lists

Test Prep

100 SAT Words Beginning with "A"

What better way to prepare for the sentence completion and passage-based questions on the SAT than to commit yourself to completing our alphabetically organized SAT lists? Find lists of SAT words...
abase, aberration, abhor, abject, abrasive, abstain, abstract, more...
100 words


"The Odyssey," Vocabulary from Books 1-7

An odyssey now refers to any long wandering and eventful journey. But despite including encounters with an angry god, a one-eyed monster, and a man-changing witch, the ancient Greek poet Homer was not...
valor, affliction, baleful, din, glutton, rapine, eligible, more...
40 words

Morphology & Roots

Negatives with "in"

All the words below have the prefix "in-" meaning "not," as their first element. The problem is that even though many of the words have negative senses in Modern English, their positive counterparts...
insipid, incorrigible, indemnity, indolence, ineffable, inexorable, infest, more...
16 words

Historical Documents

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

On 24th September 1996, the nations of the world convened to sign a treaty that banned the testing and development of all nuclear weapons in a massive step towards harmony and peace. This list of...
preamble, nuclear, proliferation, implementation, systematic, ultimate, cessation, more...
21 words


Bush's Address on 9/11

On September 11, 2001, the US witnessed the tragic loss of life brought about by acts of terrorism in New York and Washington DC. That evening, President George W. Bush addressed the nation.
evil, despicable, unyielding, foundation, implemented, priority, precaution, more...
15 words

Just for Fun

I've Never Been So Insulted...

It's not proper behavior, and you won't see it condoned in any etiquette manual, but when you're confident you're right and have a real zinger in mind, hurling an insult is quite satisfying and...
berate, censure, harangue, pillory, upbraid, diatribe, chastise, more...
10 words


President Obama's Speech on ISIL Threat

On September 10, 2014, President Obama addressed the nation about the terrorist threat posed by those known as ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) a...
degrade, affiliate, vigilant, exploit, grievance, condone, strife, more...
24 words
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