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Vocabulary Lists

Test Prep

100 SAT Words Beginning with "A"

What better way to prepare for the sentence completion and passage-based questions on the SAT than to commit yourself to completing our alphabetically organized SAT lists? Find lists of SAT words...
abase, aberration, abhor, abject, abrasive, abstain, abstract, more...
100 words


"The Chocolate War," Vocabulary from Chapters 1-12

Life is not about selling boxes of chocolate. But in a financially struggling all-boys Catholic high school, it becomes the focus around which teachers and students unite (and fight). As you learn...
sinew, lassitude, leprosy, perusal, squander, stench, confrontation, more...
40 words

Morphology & Roots

More English Words that Derive from Indigenous Languages of the Americas

Here are 15 more common English words whose roots come from indigenous languages of the Americas. The fate of the people who spoke these languages varies greatly, from tribes lost to history that we...
ipecac, cashew, cayenne, pirana, cougar, Petunia, pecan, more...
15 words

Historical Documents

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

On 24th September 1996, the nations of the world convened to sign a treaty that banned the testing and development of all nuclear weapons in a massive step towards harmony and peace. This list of...
preamble, nuclear, proliferation, implementation, systematic, ultimate, cessation, more...
21 words


Bush's Address on 9/11

On September 11, 2001, the US witnessed the tragic loss of life brought about by acts of terrorism in New York and Washington DC. That evening, President George W. Bush addressed the nation.
evil, despicable, unyielding, foundation, implemented, priority, precaution, more...
15 words

Just for Fun

Mike Nichols (1931-2014) Tribute List

Mike Nichols first achieved fame as part of the improvisational comedy pair Nichols & May. He and Elaine May were among the first to stage sketches grounded in reality but willing to embrace the...
apprehend, mystify, catastrophe, transcend, peculiar, nadir, mediocrity, more...
10 words


"Class Matters," Vocabulary from Chapters 1-5

Originally a series in The New York Times, these 14 articles compiled and edited by Bill Keller give glimpses into the lives of people across America to prove that, despite our image of being the land...
integrated, mobility, elusive, impoverished, adversity, gender, heterogeneous, more...
40 words
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