Looking for a quick and easy way to include vocabulary instruction in your curriculum?

These three steps will help you save prep and classroom time, differentiate instruction, and create a vocabulary learning experience students say is addictive and fun.

Here's how to get started:

1. Select a Vocabulary List to accompany a text you're teaching. (Search our database of over 10,000 lists or watch this short video to learn how to create your own list.)

2. Introduce students to Vocabulary.com. They'll need to create a login, start learning a list, and understand how to get back to list learning when they login again at home. 

3. Assign list learning as homework and assess student progress with a weekly quiz. For extra credit, have students focus on the words they're most struggling to learn with word journals, word walls, and pictograms. Read more about project-based vocabulary learning here

Want to go deeper? Read about teachers Marc Ginsberg from Athens, GA and Deborah Ryles from San Diego, CA, who are using Vocabulary.com to improve vocabulary instruction in their classrooms. Or check out the following helpful blog posts.