Here at we're in the process of building a library of ready-made lists based on literature commonly taught in English and ELA classrooms. Please use them! They're made by teachers, they're divided into learnable-size chunks, and they're chock-full of meaty, great-to-know words.

But first, check out these three tips for getting more out of any ready-made list you use.

Tip #1: Use our search feature to find the best list for you. Before you take the time to make a list, search our growing library of recommended lists to see if the list you're setting out to make is already there. (Watch this short video on searching to see how.)

Tip #2: Find list makers you trust. Click on the byline that appears on every list and we'll take you to to the list author's profile page, which displays all the lists that person has ever made. For example, our lists can all be found on the profile page

Tip #3: Be flexible about list partitioning. Want to use one of our pre-made lists, but worry it doesn't sync with your reading assignments? Don't. Our game makes learning new words so fast and fun for your students, the fact that they may be learning words they haven't seen yet in their reading can only help them. Remember, the more often they're quizzed on a word before they read it, the more facile their understanding of the text.