What's the quickest way to get your school to show up on our school leaderboards? Eliminate invisible play by making sure your students' profiles include your school's name.  

It's easy to do — in fact, students at 11,000 unique schools already have. Here's how.


Once they're signed up, your students will get the highly motivating experience of seeing their play reflected on school leaderboards or even winning a Vocabulary.com Champions' Banner. Schools tell us this competition has spurred students to reach for unprecedented word learning heights. We were thrilled to see that USA Today and other local media are taking note, but best of all, teachers are saying they see reading and writing results.

Can't get the video to play? Try it on Youtube or just use these instructions: 1) From the Vocabulary.com homepage, select My Account. 2) Select Edit Profile. 3) Enter the name of your school. 4) Press save.