We like to foster healthy competition on Vocabulary.com, and to that end we've given our leaderboards a new look. In addition to leaderboards for individuals, schools can also vie for a place in the standings, based on the total effort of everyone affiliated with the school. If you check out your profile on Vocabulary.com (look for it under "My Account"), you'll see that you can select a school (if you attend one in the United States or Canada), and doing so will have your play count toward your school's totals. But don't worry: as before, all your play will still count toward your individual stats as well.

Select "Leaderboards" at the top of any page on Vocabulary.com, and you'll see that we're now tracking top finishers for Points Earned and Words Mastered, both for individuals and for schools. You'll also see that we're displaying these honors in a few different time frames: for "today," "yesterday," "this month," and "last month." Click on any category and time frame, and we'll take you to a full leaderboard for that honor, showing the top finishers, as well as where you rank overall. On the left, you'll see a menu of all the leaderboards available on the site — we track the top earners and, where applicable, recent earners for every achievement and level available.

We want you to be able to access these leaderboards quickly and easily as you play. Anywhere you see an achievement or level badge on the site, you can click on it to see its corresponding leaderboard. If you're playing the Challenge and you see an "S" word badge pop up in your round summary, you're one click away from seeing the leaderboard for mastery of "S" words. There you'll be able to see your name in lights — under "recent earners," even if you're not topping the field overall.

No matter when or how often you've earned an honor, you'll always be able to see how you rank against everyone else. This can be great motivation. See if you can beat your "yesterday" placement. Or at least beat your point total for the month. And if you're at a school, get your friends to join in and try to outdo the other schools ahead of you. Whether you're on your own or working together with classmates, there are some serious bragging rights on the line!