As we announced last week in Gold Stars All Around for New Levels and Achievements, we’ve made some changes to our achievements and added new levels to spur you on as you play the Challenge. Today, we're going to give a quick achievments tour, to encourage you to keep a look out for them as you play.

Watch this short video, or just keep reading. 

Achievements are meant to make Challenge play fun and remind you you're doing a great job. When you earn an achievement, we tell you about it right away, and then mention it again in your next round summary. You can also see your most recently earned achievements in the box that appears to the right of the Challenge questions as you play. For a full achievement summary, click “My Progress” at the top of the homepage. The My Progress page includes a listing of every achievement possible — both the ones you’ve earned and the ones that await.

What's new: Click on any achievement’s icon to see some fun leaderboards. They show you top players who have earned that achievement, your own ranking, and a list of anyone who has earned that achievement recently. And because we think earning an achievement multiple times is even more impressive than earning it once, you’ll see we've added a red circle with a number inside it to any achievement you've earned more than one time. 

So look for achievements to come up as you play. You're going to see them a lot more often!

(Can't access YouTube videos? Click here to watch it on Vimeo.)