Since we launched the Challenge, we've been thrilled to see so many of you come to to play. And play. And play. As we keep welcoming new players, those players keep sticking with the game, racking up ever-more-impressive scores. We're excited that you're excited!

And as our way of saying thank you, we've built more ways for the game to let you know that you’re doing a great job. You'll see new achievements awarded throughout the Challenge, and you can keep track of what you've earned so far on your progress page and the Achievements page.

Multiple Achievements

Is a perfect round any less perfect because you've made one before? We believe two perfect rounds are in fact more impressive than one. So from now on, you’ll earn achievement badges every time you do something amazing, not just the first time. Look for numbers appearing on the badges for perfect rounds, streaks, and mastery of words of every letter of the alphabet.

Three New Levels for Extreme Challenge Play

It's time to let our most dedicated players know that we understand they're entering the stratosphere of point accumulation. Therefore, we're opening up a new frontier for Challenge play with three new levels to aspire to.

Running Dictionary (25 million points)
There comes a time to transition from a Walking Dictionary out for a morning constitutional to a dedicated athlete training for a marathon. You go, runners!

Mastermind (50 million points)
Words? Check. More words? Check. A whole lot of amazing words? Again: check. An insane number of words such that you can’t even believe how many you now know? Checkmate.

Word Czar (100 million points)
You are a member of the true elite now, the creme de la creme, the best of the best. You’re the top, you’re the king, you’re large and in charge, you’ve hit one out of the park, you’ve got nothin’ but net, you’re there, dude.

Leaderboards for Every Achievement and Level You Earn

The leaderboard has long been a popular feature of the Challenge. Now, for each level and achievement you attain, you'll be able to find a dedicated page displaying a leaderboard just for people who've earned those accolades — everything from 10-in-a-row streaks to mastery of words beginning with "G." Check out those pages to see how you stack up against others by clicking through on any badge that you see on your progress page or the Achievements page.

So what are you waiting for? With all these new ways to acknowledge your progress, playing the Challenge is going to be more fun than ever. Get to it!