Ah, mid-January. The time of year when resolutions once served piping hot, fresh from the ovens of good intention, now lie cold on the plate, like so much leftover crab dip the morning after the big party.

But if you — like many others — chose word learning as your resolution for 2015, and signed onto Vocabulary.com to make it happen, chances are you're still here. (Our game is pretty addictive...) 

So congratuations on making a resolution you have the power to keep. Now, kick it up a notch by by checking out the other great resources on Vocabulary.com.

Did you know Vocabulary.com offers…

Personalized Learning? If you're logged in, our game is picking words just for you based on the way you're performing in the game.

Vocabulary Lists? You can make interactive lists of words to add to the game or just study a list of words on their own

Learning Support? Our Dictionary is packed with learning resources designed to help you remember words.

The Vocabulary.com App? Play Vocabulary.com on your phone

This video overview explains how the game works and how you can harness the power of the rest of the site to improve your word learning experience. Watch it to learn more, then get back to the game! (And if you're a teacher, take word learning even further with the Vocabulary.com Educator Edition.)