What's the best way to start the month of February? With this inspiring tweet from Jennifer Naperala, a teacher at Hickory High School in Chesapeake, VA. Her tweet is directed to her students competing in our yearlong Vocabulary Bowl word mastery competition for schools, and it offers them this motivational carrot:

Naperala couldn't be more right. The scores in the year-long Bowl are cumulative, but if your students are competing for a monthly leaderboard win, it's never too late to decide to become number one. Every month, each school has an even chance.

And winning the monthly leaderboard is a big deal. When you do, we'll send you a big green Champions' Banner to commemorate the victory, as well as individual medals for the top five high-scoring students from that month's play. Just take a look at the excitement on the faces of some of our previous monthly winners at Chavez High School, Bellaire High School, and Rialto High School to see what this looks like.

What if a monthly win is out of reach for your word learning program? We've built other, more attainable benchmarks into the Bowl to give you something to shoot for. Point your students to victory on the state boards that appear on every school's profile page, or define success as a particular position, say, breaking into the top 25, or top 50.

The important point is to remember to reward them, to build up their taste of success. Our game is designed to help you do this. We work with each individual player at their own level, such that they will learn the right words at the right time, and feel successful while doing so. On top of that, we pave the road to learning with pats on the back, level changes to work toward, and achievements and individual progress data that celebrate every players' success, every step of the way.

Why? Because it's fun, it works, and once students associate learning with winning, nothing will be out of their reach...a monthly leaderboard victory...success in the overall Vocabulary Bowl...heck, in a couple dozen years or so, we expect these kids to be running the world!