Ex-General Electric Executives Indited in Muni-Bond Scandal

This particular man was only indited in his scam because he came clean about it with Google in a blackmail scheme.

Both of these examples use indite to talk about people being formally accused of lawbreaking. Unfortunately, the sentences themselves break a rule of good writing: choose your words with care (or perhaps a different rule: always have someone edit your work).

What those statements wanted was indict, a homophone of indite that means to formally accuse someone of lawbreaking:

Prosecutors Delay Indictment of Man Arrested in Harlem NYPD Shootout

Roger Clemens has now been indicted on charges he lied to Congress under oath.

Indite, an uncommon word, means to craft something, such as writing a sonnet or composing a musical score. Most instances of it in a Google search bring up results like our first ones or instances of language so mangled, one wonders why it was published at all:

Roger Clemmons is being indited for 6 counts of "lying to Congress".

I would declare you indite your own; some another artefact would be a writing ravishment and rattling unethical!

Occasionally, though, you can find an instance or two that use indite correctly, if in a consciously literary way:

I hold indited epistles of hurting, of rejection, of sentences.

Ofttimes musicians (especially in electronic music and hip hop) hit a hard time grasping this distinction because they indite music while they are producing it.