If you accuse someone of committing an offense, you indict them. A book that indicts the entire education system might lay out all the reasons that schools are failing kids.

In a legal sense, the verb indict means to bring formal charges against someone, especially in a court of law, as in a federal grand jury. The grand jury indicted, the man on 12 counts of murder. Although it's true the boy had stolen cookies from the cookie jar in the past, that is no reason to indict him out of hand in the present case. There were no witnesses and the crumb evidence would suggest someone else committed the crime.

Definitions of indict
  1. verb
    accuse formally of a crime
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    type of:
    accuse, charge
    blame for, make a claim of wrongdoing or misbehavior against
Commonly confused words

indict / indite

If you're using indite to talk about people being formally accused of lawbreaking, you're using the wrong word: it's indict.

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