For a word so many of us shrug off as "meaningless," resolution is actually chock-full of meaning. In fact, it's so rich, it makes a great place to start for anyone resolving to learn more words in 2014.

Last year, we got into what resolution really means in a post on adding word learning to your list.

What is the first thought that comes to mind when considering the word resolution? Is it the promises you make to yourself on New Year's Day — to do less drinking, eating, and stressing, and more saving, recycling, and working out, all while pursuing a master's degree and landing a better job?

We can't help you with weight loss or financial planning, but if you're looking to boost your education level or go after that promotion at work, you're in the right place. Success in education is directly related to vocabulary level (check out how reading comprehension tracks vocabulary here); so is success at work (Red Stripe's Big Word ad makes a lighthearted case for this here). Playing is a great way to get started improving your chances for success in both places. 

Did you know you're more likely to stick to your word-learning resolution if, as you play, you read the definitions, sentence examples, and word blurbs? You are. In fact, the only way to truly understand words in their multiple, subtly-related senses is to encounter them over and over in context, and let your brain's natural language-learning capabilities work their magic. The game is particularly good in this area, teaching you words in real-world context examples, and making sure you are comfortable with every sense of a word's meaning before showing you the gold mastery bar. 

Which means you'll not only learn the words, but you'll get to see how fantastically complicated they can be. Take resolution as an example. Coming into English from the Latin resolutionem late in the 14th century, resolution is useful not only for describing promises you make to yourself, but also the cessation of medical symptoms, a sense of determination, the movement from discord to concord in music, a way of thinking through math or logic problems, and clarity of detail in visual perception (think about the resolution of the computer screen you're reading this on right now). How did all of those branches grow off the same tree? Ponder the mystery!

But first, check out our blurb for resolution on the Vocabulary Dictionary page here. Click "Learn" to add resolution to the list of words you're learning on, and then, every time resolution comes up as you play, take it as a reminder to stick with yours.