Every summer, die-hard Vocabulary Bowl fans watch the July leaderboards to see if a little school from Texas can do it again.

From 2015 through 2018, Houston's St. Vincent De Paul School (SVDP) has claimed the July Vocabulary Bowl Champions banner, which is the longest winning streak for any month in Bowl history.

So when July 2019 came around, Bowl fans naturally expected to see SVDP atop the leaderboards on day one. But Bayside High School of New York was also aiming for a win, and a hot summer showdown ignited. For well into the second week of the month, Bayside's Commodores held SVDP's Tigers at bay. But the tenacious Tigers were hungry for a repeat, and managed to claw their way back into the lead by mid-month, mastering words like proverb, indignation, and sear. Once they had the edge, the students at SVDP did not relent. They closed the month with a winning total of 13,081 words mastered.

About 500 students attend St. Vincent De Paul School, which serves students through the 8th grade. Each year, the students get summer reading assignments which are paired with practice activities on Vocabulary.com that teach them the words they'll encounter in the books they're reading. This year, SVDP English teacher and veteran Vocab Bowl "coach" Kathy Zimbaldi created a series of assignments that prepped her students to read Schooled by Gordon Korman, Refugee by Alan Gratz, Spooked by Gail Jarrow, and many more titles.

The July '19 win brings St. Vincent De Paul's Vocabulary Bowl total banner haul to seven, putting them in the big leagues with National Champions Etiwanda High School and Chavez High School. Each year, SVDP's streak becomes harder to defend as more schools across North America catch Bowl fever, making the Tigers' recent achievement all the more impressive.

The Vocabulary Bowl leaderboards are structured so that schools of every size can compete at the county, state and national level on a daily, weekly and monthly basis all year long. In addition to awarding monthly champions banners year-round, we also award banners to Division and State winners at the end of the academic season. This year's competition starts on October 1st, so now is the perfect time to learn more about getting your students signed up to play, compete and learn in the Vocabulary Bowl.