The Vocabulary Bowl is an academic competition where all students belong, every step of the way.

What makes the Vocabulary Bowl unique is that instead of winnowing the field to a small group of finalists each season, collaboration is the key to climbing the leaderboards. The Bowl is about motivating all learners to put in the effort, improve their literacy skills, and experience academic success.

The Spirit of the Vocabulary Bowl

Every student who plays and learns makes an important contribution to their school's collective achievement, so the more participation there is, the better. There's never a point in the season when certain students are selected to move on while others are "benched". It's an all-in approach to academic competition, designed to ensure that more students experience more learning. Last season 1,609,002 students from 46,914 schools across North America competed and collectively mastered 41,586,318 words!

It's that spirit of inclusivity and camaraderie that define the Vocabulary Bowl. Whether you're in it to win it or just want to give the Bowl a try this year, we invite you to get involved and put your school on the map.