First off, a gargantuan “THANK YOU” to all of the Vocabulary Bowl players and fans who made the 2016 — 2017 competition the largest to date.

This season nearly one million students across the U.S. and Canada participated in the epic contest for word domination that brings schools together in the pursuit of academic success and vocabulary glory.

How does this year's Bowl compare to the previous one? Last year 23,000 schools participated, and more than 15,000 joined the legions this season to bring us to 38,828 schools this time around. The expanded school pool brought the total number of students boosting their word power this year to 970,471! Last year you mastered 14.1 million words in seven months, which was pretty impressive. But this year (drum roll, please...) you collectively mastered 26,876,833 words in seven months. That's simply astounding.

Now that the proverbial final buzzer has sounded, which schools topped the Leaderboards to claim victory? The team is certifying the official results, but we are proud to announce that the provisional Vocabulary Bowl Champion is Etiwanda High School of Etiwanda, California with a mind-blowing 365,451 words mastered. The provisional Runner Up and Middle School Champion is Margate Middle School of Margate, Florida with 271,781 words mastered.

2016 - 2017 Top 5 Vocabulary Bowl Schools

Stay tuned for the official results and the details on the upcoming fanfare, including highlights from the season in our final Roundup Video and details on the upcoming trophy ceremonies at Etiwanda and Margate.

Congratulations and thank you again for participating in this colossal effort to expand the vocabularies of millions of learners. We here at are already looking forward to seeing what you amazing schools, students, and teachers will achieve next year.

Want to keep the word learning and the fun going in the off-season? Remember that the school that masters the most words each month wins that glorious green Champions Banner, so PLAY ON!