Who was that person — the one who taught you that books are wonderful?

We'd like you to meet Ms. Hyde, an 8th grade ELA teacher in a Title I middle school whose love of books and passion for teaching inspire even the most reluctant students to get hooked on reading.

Watch the magic that happens in Ms. Hyde's classroom, where students are engaged in close reading and deep discussions. It's pure joy, and it'll (almost) make you wish you could go back to middle school, if only you could be in her class.


Episode 4: Ms. Hyde's Story

Ms. Hyde's Story is Episode 4 in our documentary series: If You Had the Words… These films were made to honor all the inspiring people who are the heart and soul of every school. If you have a story you'd like to share, drop us a line at support@vocabulary.com.

Vocabulary.com would like to thank Meridian Hill Pictures, the award-winning filmmakers who brought these special stories to life. It was an honor to collaborate with their talented team.

We'd also like to thank the following schools and their administrators, staff and students for their generosity throughout this project: Nimitz High School, Buck Lodge Middle School, Margate Middle School.