If you had the words...

A documentary film series by Vocabulary.com and Meridian Hill Pictures

Episode 1: Mr. Terrell's Story

Vocabulary.com proudly presents: If You Had the Words…

Every day at Vocabulary.com we meet educators — doing largely unsung work — who inspire us. We partnered with award-winning Meridian Hill Pictures to create this series of short documentaries as our love letter to teachers everywhere, and their profoundly important work. These inspiring people — and their stories — are the heart and soul of every school.

Episode 1: Mr. Terrell's Story

Meet Mr. Terrell, an "ordinary" teacher making an extraordinary difference in his Houston-area high school.


Episode 2: Erick's Story

Kids who can read are confident. Kids who are confident dare to believe in themselves.


Episode 3: Mr. Toliver's Story

When students have the words, anything is possible. Meet one principal who's making it happen.


Episode 4: Ms. Hyde's Story

There are days when being in the presence of teaching and learning can feel like magic. This was one of those days.


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