If you're looking to learn vocabulary from any source — or if you're a teacher looking to share vocabulary with your class — Vocabulary.com has just made it even easier to grab the vocab you need and start learning words right away.

Now, if you are on the Vocabulary.com home page or vocabulary lists page, you'll see a handy widget that will guide you through the simple process of turning any text into a learnable list of vocabulary words. To get started, all you have to do is copy and paste text into the box. You can either type in a list of words that you want to focus on, or you can copy and paste up to 100 pages of text in the box and we'll identify the most relevant words for you. 

If you want to see how we grab vocab from a text, there are three sample texts from which to choose (Chapter 1 of The Scarlet Letter, the U.S. Bill of Rights, and a science text about genetics). Or just find your own text to copy and paste — from an article, book chapter, historical document, or whatever text you're learning (or teaching) from. Then, when you click the "start learning/teaching" button, we'll select appropriate vocabulary words from the text.

If you enter a list of words, they'll all show up on the learnable list you're creating. And if you copy in a text, we'll start you off by selecting the top ten most relevant words from that text for you to learn or teach. You can choose an example sentence to go along with each vocab word by clicking on the arrows that let you scroll through each use of the word in the text. (The first use is already selected for you by default.) Then just enter in a title for the list and an optional description, and you'll be able to save your list for future use.

Selecting which words to focus on is customizable too. If you'd like to go beyond the ten most relevant words in the text, click on the gear icon in the top right corner after we've grabbed the vocab. There you'll see a range of options for sorting and selecting words from your text. You can also manually check or uncheck the box next to each word, depending on which words you'd like to choose. 

As soon as your list is created, you can get cracking on mastering the words in our interactive game. For any student needing to learn words, or any teacher needing to assign words to students, our new streamlined process will make it a snap to dive right in and make the vocabulary your own.