Teachers, administrators, and students, it's go time! The Vocabulary Bowl officially kicks off tomorrow, October 1, and runs through April 30, 2017. The seven-month word learning competition culminates next spring with top schools celebrating at trophy ceremonies, getting media coverage, enjoying local celebrity appearances, and more!

New Divisions

This year, thanks to the enthusiasm we've seen for the Bowl in schools across the US and Canada, we've created new divisions based on school type and school size. Now you can follow the rankings among all High Schools as well as all Middle / Elementary Schools. We've also added Divisions I, II, and III based on student enrollment, meaning that whether your school is large or small, you've got a playing field to match.  Each new division has its own leaderboard that makes following the standings more exciting for every player in every school. 

Real-time leaderboards flash green as words are mastered.

Real-time Leaderboards

Now you'll see real-time action as schools tussle for top slots, making the Vocabulary Bowl a spectator sport as well as an academic competition. Watch as schools move up and down in rank, and follow the memserizing flash of green each time a word is mastered. Keeping focused on the monthly leaderboard is a great way to energize word learning in your school, but you don't have to appear on the Overall Words Mastered leaderboard to be a vocabulary success story.  Students can compete against one another on any of their class leaderboards, and schools can see how they rank on state leaderboards, as well as in the new divisions. The new real-time leaderboards make it more engaging and more motivating to keep striving for success.

Play. Compete. Learn.

If you haven't already, now is a great time to join the nationwide competition by selecting and registering your school. Download our Classroom Starter Kit for ideas on how to amp up play in your school with awards certificates, Bowl events, and more. It's time to make this your school's best word learning season ever.