If you're an avid Vocabulary Bowl fan, you've heard of juggernaut Etiwanda High School.

If you're new to the competition, here's an introduction: Etiwanda High School of California recently finished the academic year as the Vocabulary Bowl North American Champion with a staggering total of 365,451 words mastered.

Since October, the Eagles mastered anywhere from 30,000 to 75,000 words per month to slog their way to the top and claim the highest Vocabulary Bowl achievement for the 2016-2017 season.

So we were not terribly surprised to see that after months of leaderboard domination to earn that illustrious title, Etiwanda took it a little easier in May, coming in 8th on the overall words mastered leaderboard. After all, they deserved a break.

But in a classic Vocabulary Bowl upset, just when it looked like the Eagles might dial back the intensity of their word learning for the summer, they surged in mid-May to regain the lead from Indio High. The Eagles held on to the number one perch for the last few weeks, and claimed the June Champions banner with 13,324 words mastered.

That might not sound like a huge number compared to the totals we saw during the official season, but to put it in perspective, Etiwanda's last day of school was before Memorial Day. That means all this June word learning took place on their summer break, a time when we especially appreciate the effort that students are putting into their own vocabulary improvement.

Congratulations to Etiwanda and to all the schools across the map who are not taking the summer off when it comes to word learning. And remember, we've still got July and (depending where you live) August ahead!