Vocabulary.com’s 12-week Roadmap to the GRE is now available for purchase. Prospective test-takers who want to improve their scores on all test sections can follow our Roadmap to the GRE for personalized, efficient studying.

Vocabulary.com’s Roadmap to the GRE helps you achieve your best score on the GRE through our adaptive word learning. Test-takers can study smarter with the only test prep program that pinpoints knowledge gaps to deliver personalized instruction that helps you master the words you need to know.

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Focus on what matters most

Our Roadmap to the GRE curriculum includes strategically selected words that are most likely to appear on the test. The program not only teaches the challenging academic vocabulary that appears in the verbal reasoning section but also covers words used in the quantitative reasoning section.

GRE Test Prep

Personalize your test prep

Our smart, award-winning adaptive engine pinpoints the gaps in your vocabulary and delivers targeted instruction to close those gaps. This personalized method ensures that you will spend more time studying the words you need to learn, not what you already know.

Don't just memorize, master.

Vocabulary.com's research-based method ensures that you don’t simply memorize, you develop a true understanding that lasts through test day and beyond. Repeated exposure to new words at varied intervals supports retention, different question types activate higher-order thinking, and teaching all the core definitions of multiple-meaning words fosters depth of knowledge.

Be successful with test prep you can stick to

With our self-paced structure, you can always find time to fit studying into your busy schedule, anytime and anywhere. And to motivate you to stick with it, you’ll earn Vocabulary.com points and achievements that encourage you to put in the effort and level up.

Access unlimited practice

In addition to weekly practice activities and quizzes, the Roadmap to the GRE offers access to Vocabulary.com's extensive bank of 243,000 questions and 16,000 words. For those who want to go above and beyond, you can continue building your word knowledge through real-world usage examples.

GRE Test Prep

Roadmap to the GRE details

This test program consists of 12 weeks of activities that teach multiple categories of words.

  • Verbal reasoning Intermediate: Mix of words you are familiar with and words that may be a bit more challenging
  • Verbal reasoning warm-up: Words you likely already know but could use a refresher for
  • Verbal reasoning Challenge: Some of the most difficult words found on the GRE
  • Arithmetic: Getting back to the basics, our arithmetic words cover terms and concepts that relate to fundamental arithmetic
  • Geometry: Vocabulary lists that will shape you into the test-taker you want to be for the geometry questions on the GRE
  • Algebra: Algebra lists that will prepare you to formulate answers on the GRE that are sure to earn you a high score
  • Data analysis: There is a high probability that you will need these words relating to data analysis on the GRE so be sure to study them!

Each week includes activities and resources for mastering the vocabulary of the GRE.

  • Multiple practice activities, each based on a list of words from each of the three categories
  • Post-practice 10-question quizzes to check for understanding, each based on the vocab list that individuals study in the practice activity
  • A link to master all the words on any list, which takes learners to VocabTrainer where they have the option to extend their learning
  • A progress indicator that shows individuals how far they've come and what they still need to complete

After you complete all practice sessions and quizzes, you will be emailed a digital certificate of completion.

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