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GRE Vocabulary Mastery Package
  • Proven vocabulary improvement
  • Master the essentials to ensure success
  • Takes only minutes per day for 12 weeks
  • Personalized and adaptive learning
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  • Proven methods Go beyond memorization. Learn new words with a variety of real-world examples and other proven techniques that ensure you’ll remember (and use) the words you learn.
  • Focus on what matters most We help you target those high-utility, high-frequency words that are most likely to appear on the test and most crucial for you to know.
  • Study smarter, not harder Why waste energy studying what you already know? Our advanced algorithms pinpoint the holes in your vocabulary and deliver targeted instruction to close those gaps.


What you get

The Roadmap is a 12-week study program that prepares you for GRE Test. As you progress through the course content, the instructional activities automatically adapt to customize your experience and maximize your learning.

Word mastery

Our methods apply the science of learning to help you truly understand the words you’re studying and remember them on test day.

Personalized learning

Your word knowledge is unique, and your test prep should be too. Our practice activities continually adjust to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.