We've made some changes to Vocabulary Lists to make it easier to keep track of the lists that matter to you. Here's what you need to know.

On the Vocabulary Lists homepage, you'll notice a new design that makes list navigation a breeze. At the top you'll see the four most recent lists you've interacted with, and below that you'll find featured lists and the latest offerings in categories like test prep, literature, and news. You can click on any category in the left-hand menu to see a wider selection of the thousands of lists we have available for learning.

Try out the search box at the top left to find lists you're interested in quickly. We've improved the search functionality to help you zero in on the most useful lists right away. 

If you click on "View All My Lists," you'll be taken to My Vocabulary Lists. (You can also access this section from your account page.) Here you'll find all the lists you've interacted with in one place. Use the menu at the top of the page to look at lists you've created, lists you're sharing with others, lists you're practing and learning, and lists that you've bookmarked. Within each of these categories, you can fine-tune the display even further, sorting the lists by Last Activity, List Name, Practice Progress, Learning Progress, or Create Date.

Open up any Vocabulary List, and you'll find tabs for practicing the list, taking the list in Spelling Bee mode, and editing a list you've created. Teachers will see a tab for assigning a list to students.

On the right-hand side of any list page, you'll see a menu of options for engaging with the list. The "Share this list..." button allows you to generate a link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. "Copy this list..." allows you to copy any list you encounter into your own account, where you can edit it as a freestanding list of your own, or add the words on it to a list you've already made.

We've given the Spelling Bee mode a makeover, too. Now, when you study the spelling of words on your list by clicking the Spelling Bee tab, a timer tracks the length of time you're spending in any round of the Bee, pausing when you spell a word, and resuming when you ask for the next one. Additionally, if you navigate away from the Spelling Bee, the round will pick up where you left off when you return, a boon to anyone spelling a longer list of words.

Together with recent changes to list-making and tracking your progress, we hope the redesign makes your experience with Vocabulary.com that much more intuitive and fluid. Why not celebrate by learning one of our favorite lists, "Words to Capture Your Joy"?