1. seductress a woman who seduces
  2. Stictomys mountain pacas
  3. Psettichthys a genus of Soleidae
  4. seductive tending to entice into a desired action or state
  5. tidy tips California annual having flower heads with yellow rays tipped with white
  6. tidytips California annual having flower heads with yellow rays tipped with white
  7. octopus bottom-living cephalopod having a soft oval body with eight long tentacles
  8. St. Kitts the largest of the islands comprising Saint Christopher-Nevis
  9. deductible an amount that can be subtracted, as for tax purposes
  10. sea steps ladder to be lowered over a ship's side for coming aboard
  11. zodiac a circular diagram representing the 12 constellations
  12. Sete Quedas a great waterfall on the border between Brazil and Paraguay
  13. Stictopelia a genus of Columbidae
  14. zodiacal relating to or included in the zodiac
  15. Perodicticus a genus of Lorisidae
  16. sticktight parasitic on especially the heads of chickens
  17. Osteichthyes a class of fish having a skeleton composed of bone in addition to cartilage
  18. zodiacal light a luminous tract in the sky
  19. touch-typist a skilled typist who can type a document without looking at the keyboard
  20. King Oedipus (Greek mythology) a tragic king of Thebes who unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother Jocasta; the subject of the drama `Oedipus Rex' by Sophocles

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