Zing is a quality of excitement or enthusiasm. If you want to add some zing to your nephew's birthday party, you might want to hire a magician or offer pony rides.

A director might add zing to her movie by enticing a big movie star to play a role, and your brother may tend to put extra zing in his stories in the form of exaggerated, colorful details. In both examples, zing makes something that's slightly dull seem a bit livelier. You can also use zing for a spicy or piquant flavor: "I put some cayenne pepper in the sauce to give it some zing."

Definitions of zing
  1. noun
    the activeness of an energetic personality
    synonyms: dynamism, oomph, pizzaz, pizzazz
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    type of:
    activeness, activity
    the trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically
  2. noun
    a brief high-pitched buzzing or humming sound
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    type of:
    the sudden occurrence of an audible event
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