Other forms: zeals

Zeal is dedication or enthusiasm for something. If you have zeal, you're willing, energized, and motivated.

Zeal is often used in a religious sense, meaning devotion to God or another religious cause, like being a missionary. Zeal doesn't have to be religious, though: a feeling of gusto and enthusiasm for anything can be called zeal. People have zeal for sports teams, bands, causes, and (often, but not always) their jobs. If you have passion for something, you have zeal, which is kind of a mix of eagerness and energy and devotion.

Definitions of zeal
  1. noun
    a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)
    “he felt a kind of religious zeal
    synonyms: ardor, ardour, elan
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    type of:
    avidity, avidness, eagerness, keenness
    a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something
  2. noun
    prompt willingness
    “they disliked his zeal in demonstrating his superiority”
    synonyms: eagerness, forwardness, readiness
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    type of:
    cheerful compliance
  3. noun
    excessive fervor to do something or accomplish some end
    “he had an absolute zeal for litigation”
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    type of:
    ardor, ardour, fervency, fervidness, fervor, fervour, fire
    feelings of great warmth and intensity




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