Yesteryear is an extremely poetic way to refer to the past. You might nostalgically talk about the town where you used to live as your home of yesteryear.

The word yesteryear was actually invented by a poet, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, in 1870. Rossetti was searching for an accurate way to translate a phrase by the French poet Francois Villon — the line he came up with was "But where are the snows of yesteryear?" Other translators have substituted yore for yesteryear, but the latter is a word that perfectly captures a kind of nostalgia for a lost past.

Definitions of yesteryear
  1. noun
    the time that has elapsed
    synonyms: past, past times
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    future, futurity, hereafter, time to come
    the time yet to come
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    time long past
    bygone, water under the bridge
    past events to be put aside
    past times (especially in the phrase `in days of old')
    the aggregate of past events
    time immemorial, time out of mind
    the distant past beyond memory
    auld langsyne, good old days, langsyne, old times
    past times remembered with nostalgia
    the recent past
    type of:
    the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past
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